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India-Russia Interchurch collaboration strengthens in Healthcare and Education

The historical visit to Russia by His Holiness Catholicos Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II in 2019 marked the beginning of a significant relationship. This visit laid the groundwork for future exchanges and collaborations. Continuing this legacy, in 2023, His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews lll visited Russia and met with His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. The discussions during this visit were fruitful, highlighting mutual interests and potential collaborations, particularly in the healthcare and education sectors.

In 2024, a significant milestone was achieved when the Director of St. Alexis Hospital, along with a distinguished team of doctors and priests from Russia, visited St. Gregorios Medical Mission Hospital. They participated in a series of meetings with medical experts at Parumala Hospital, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

In June 2024, a notable delegation from India visited Russia, including Rev. Fr. M.C Poulose (Chief Executive Officer), Rev. Fr. Ashwin Fernandez (Secretary of the Department of Ecumenical Relations), Dr. George Koshy (Senior Consultant Cardiology), Dr. Sreekumar (HOD & Senior Consultant Neurosurgery), Dr. Mathew Varghese (Senior Consultant Orthopedics), Dr. Mathews Jose (HOD & Senior Consultant Medical Oncology), Dr. Sreenath S (Consultant Rheumatologist, and Mr. George Benedict John (HOD Biomedical).

During their visit, the delegation explored Russian hospitals, nursing colleges, and palliative care centers. They conducted a series of medical presentations, sharing knowledge and expertise. A highlight of the visit was their presentation on bioethics at a state medical university, which included an interactive session with Indian students studying in Russia.

The Russian counterparts expressed their gratitude for the visit and reiterated their commitment to fostering a continued bilateral interchurch relationship. This series of visits and collaborations underscores the strengthening of ties between India and Russia, paving the way for future joint endeavors in healthcare and education.